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If you are a nature lover and find yourself greatly attracted to greenery, you’re at exactly the right spot! Deep Roots Microbiome Company is where you get to enhance natural beauty while making it healthier every day. With us, you get the microbes needed to strengthen and nurture your plants to see them grow into healthy plants.

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Our team believes in discovering the best microbiome products and discovering the research behind the product so we can bring that to our orchards then to you for your own private part of nature.


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Deep Rooted orchards are part of our unique process to showcase the quality of our work using the most advanced process to keep the soil in top performance. When the soil is at top performance our orchard produces the finest quality of pollen production followed by to highest quality of our selected plants from our orchard to your table.

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June 30, 2021

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June 30, 2021

Gardening is hard Your soil feels the same way

June 30, 2021

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President, CEO & Founder of Deep Roots Microbiome Company

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