Asimina Triloba -Paw Paws

Deep Roots Microbiome and Deep-Rooted Orchards is conducting the first demo trials using the following blends of soil probiotics and foliar nutrient on our high-density Paw paw (Astimina triloba) orchards to increase production. an excellent food sources. It exceeds apple (Malus domestica Borkh.), peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch.], and grape (Vitis spp.) in most vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and food energy value (Peterson et al., 1982). With this information we added this wonderful fruit tree into our research and demonstration sites across our orchards.

Our demo research will hope to show that increase in certain probiotics in the soil and plant will increase the flower production with the hope to increase fruit production. Our goal is to turn on the chemical messages that the plants flowers send out and will draw more beneficial pollinators into the flower.

The species of bacteria in nectar and stomach honey have been identified in research across the world. Even though the species of bacteria and concentrations of bacteria differed between colonies and for the sites sampled, the dominant bacteria were Bacillus subtills with this information we are committed to growing our pollinators with the best Paw paws. Follow or research on Facebook and Instagram.