What Do Your Plants Need?

We provide you with the finest microbes that work wonders to make your plants grow deeper roots and promote a healthy plant that is more resistant to disease and stress. Our products are well-researched and backed by scientific research and shown in demonstration across the globe.

Endomycorrhizal inoculant (Rhizophagus irregularis)

Our powerful inoculant formulated contains spores of the most carefully selected and versatile endomycorrhiza strain. The benefits will improve nutrition and growth through maximizing the survival rate of young plants that will help accelerate flowering and production of new leaves. The most important part is undergrown where the exchange of nutrients between the soil and plants to enliven your gardens with freshness all over

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens , Bacillus velezensis, and Bacillus subtilis are part of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria(PGPR) programs.

Trichoderma spp. including Trachoderma harzianum

One of our finest products, being Trichoderma, helps your plants fight the harmful ingredients in the soil and accelerate the plant growth simultaneously which helps increase the production of positive amounts of hormones delivered through your plants Its broad-spectrum activities in managing diversified pathogens are well documented in the literature. Its mechanisms for controlling the ill-effects of pathogens are through either direct (myco-parasitism) or indirect action (metabolites) or a combination of both. Trichoderma also plays a significant role in maintaining a balance in nature. Its interaction with plants influences their nutritional status and increases their ability to tolerate or control biotic and abiotic stresses through enhanced defense mechanisms. However, its direct application as a biocontrol agent (BCA) has become common worldwide. The ability of various strains of Trichoderma in controlling pathogenic fungi and in proliferating plant defenses .

We Confirm to the Highest Standards of Quality

With us, you don’t need to worry about your microbes not doing their job right. And well, there’s a lot to why we are the finest choice for your plants!

  • Our microbes enhance the quality of your plants markedly
  • The active microbes protect your plants from microorganism
  • Our genetics are tested in 47 countries
  • Our microbes mitigate climate change
  • We promote public health and well-being
  • A healthier plant makes a healthier you

Let the Flora and Fauna Bloom

We believe in adorning the ambiance with grace and beauty everywhere. And well, when you got a garden, why not make the most out of it? Not to mention, our products help your plants, gardens, yards, and trees give you a healthy environment to relax in.

Where Love and Enlightenment for Nature Combines

Our team comprises the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals who work to preserve to make your gardens greener and more refreshing. Their research in the field enables them to come up with the most prolific compounds to guard your plants against getting harmed and encouraging their growth simultaneously.